Why Does Pizza Make Me Bloated?

When eating pizza from various places, frequent diners or chefs may notice there is a pattern of pain and bloating in their stomachs and bodies after eating pizza. When trying to still enjoy pizza without the pain, what can be done to avoid the bloating that is common after pizza? After doing extensive research, here […]

Why are my pizza toppings burning

The main reason why your toppings are burning is because your pizza stone isn't hot enough. This may seem counter intuitive but if the stone is hotter then the base will cook faster which means the overall time in the oven is less and that stops the toppings from burning. With that in mind what […]

Can you use passata as a pizza sauce?

Passata is a sieved tomato sauce that's generally too thin and bland to be used as a pizza sauce without first reducing it a little. If you have nothing else and no time to reduce it then passata could be used but it would be a good idea to add some herbs and seasoning to […]

Do Vegetarians or Vegans Eat Pizza?

The simple answer is yes, Vegans and Vegetarians can and do eat Pizza. Both will need to use a different type of Mozzarella or other cheese but these are readily available both online and in larger grocery stores. Pizzas should be perfect for vegetarians and vegans as the dough is 4 simple ingredients, flour, water, […]

Why is my pizza dough too sticky after rising?

The 2 main reasons for pizza dough being too sticky after rising (proofing) is that there's too much water in the recipe or the dough wasn't kneaded enough before proofing. As a guide aim for 60% hydration and knead for 5 or 6 minutes until the dough is smooth. If you want to know which […]

How much dough, sauce, cheese and toppings per pizza?

To make this easy to follow, I'll break it down to each part, first we'll discuss dough ball size, then how much sauce followed by cheese quantity and finally how much of each topping so you can skip around to find the information you're looking for. How much dough per pizza? When working out how […]

Bacon on pizza - All your questions answered

Do you need to precook bacon for Pizza In general it's best to pre-cook bacon before putting it on a pizza, especially if it's thick cut or the pizza cooks quickly otherwise you risk it not being fully cooked, If the bacon's really thin or the pizza is a slow cooked style then you can […]

Can you use an Ooni pizza oven indoors

Currently there are no Ooni models that can be used indoors, this is due to the massive heat and small amount of carbon monoxide that they put out making them unsafe for indoor use. There are some electric pizza ovens that can be used indoors though. What is an Ooni? Before we go any further […]

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