Can you use an Ooni pizza oven indoors

Currently there are no Ooni models that can be used indoors, this is due to the massive heat and small amount of carbon monoxide that they put out making them unsafe for indoor use. There are some electric pizza ovens that can be used indoors though.

What is an Ooni?

Before we go any further we should probably clear up, for those that don't know, what an Ooni is. Ooni are a leading portable pizza oven manufacturer. They currently make 4 different models, the Frya which uses wood pellets, the Koda which uses gas, the Karu that works on charcoal but can also be converted to use gas and the Pro that can use wood, charcoal or be converted to use gas. So now you know what they are, why can't they be used indoors?

Why can't Ooni Pizza ovens be used indoors?

As mentioned above, Ooni pizza ovens burn wood, wood pellets, charcoal or gas to create the heat needed to cook perfect pizzas and a side effect of burning a fuel like this is that you get some carbon monoxide released from the burning wood or from the unburnt propane gas. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that's potentially toxic in an enclosed environment so you definitely don't want that being released into your home.

As if that wasn't enough to stop you using your Ooni indoors then perhaps the fact that they get up to around 900°F with open flames and plenty of smoke too on the solid fuel models. Do you really want that in you kitchen? You're likely to burn your counter or table as well as staining your ceiling, and that's if you don't burn the house down in the process.

What are the indoor alternatives to an Ooni pizza oven?

Trying to cook a good pizza in a conventional oven, though not impossible is a little tricky. It's hard to get a good crispy base because your normal oven only reaches around 500°F and you need closer to the 900°F that the Oonis can achieve to get the perfect Pizza.

So, with that in mind, is there an indoor option?

Yes, I've been using my Giles & Posner Bella pizza oven on the kitchen countertop for years and it works perfectly. It can get to over 700°F and while this isn't quite as hot as the Oonis it is good enough to cook a delicious crispy based pizza in just a couple of minutes. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find these online in recent years but the G3 Ferrari pizza oven looks and works in the same way and is available on Amazon here

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